Why SpainActive?

SpainActive is a small company that takes care of its customers. When we take on the responsibility for a football or handball training camp, we make sure it is unique. Therefore, it is important to have good conversations early where the customer defines what is important. Founded in 2002, we have a lot of experience creating tailor made training camps. Most people who travel with us come back or tell others about us. SpainActive knows what needs to be done to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

The destinations we have chosen are places we know well with good infrastructure and good sports facilities. In addition, it is very important with an environment that is suitable for training and with beautiful nature. When you have traveled so far it is also nice if you learn something about Spanish culture, be it in sports, food and history etc. We are experts in Spain, focusing on Catalonia. Our offices are in the center of Barcelona. All our clients fill out an evaluation form at the end of their trip and everyone has been happy with our service. Compliments that are repeated are close follow-up, good local knowledge, a high degree of flexibility, good personal relationships and correspondence between promises and reality.