Ken Terje Nordtvedt, Bygdoy Monolitten IL"We will be back. Great set-up. Everything was much easier when SpainActive organized for us."
Bygdøy Monolitten P96, Ken Terje Nordtvedt

Linn Siri Jensen, Bygdoy Monolitten IL"We will definitely come back. Due to the organization done by SpainActive, the trip went amazingly well both for the team and for the parents. Guided trip to Barcelona was outstanding. Katrine and Alex, our guides, were exceptional. We were 210 % happy with the trip."
Bygdøy Monolitten P97, Linn-Siri Jensen

Kurt Eckholdt, OIF"We will definitely come back. Very satisfied with the trip and the way it was organized. The logistical challenge was well handled. The hotel is placed in a quiet part of town next to the best beach." 
Øif Arendal, Kurt Eckholdt

Kenneth Fossli Vestfossen"We are very satisfied with what SpainActive did for us. The trip was was a success both socially and sports wise. The guides were great and always available. Vestfossen would like to recommend SpainActive warmly. Total evaluation was a 100%." 
Vestfossen, Kenneth Fossli

Per Morten SEM"Great suport before and during the trip. Positive and easy available guides solving any issue that might have occurred. The food at the hotel was great."
SEM, Per Morten Kværne

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Morten Kristiansen Romsdal"Perfect set-up for a training camp for a sport school. The set up included a varied choice of sports activities, great opportunities to learn about the culture, history and the architecture of Barcelona. SpainActive also organized tickets and the trip to see FC Barcelona and Nou Camp. This is in addition to great weather, beach life and good food." 
Morten Kristiansen Tidl Tippeliga Molde, Romsdal VGS 2011 

Thomas Hafstad"First of all I would like to say that we had a great time, both the coaches and the girls. Highlights were Nou Camp, Paintball and Barcelona city. This trip was worth it and is a good memory. It gave us an memorable experience to your way of living/eating and drinking. Really appreciated it."
 Thomas Hafstad, Tidl Tippeliga Tromsø, Tromsø NTG  

Stein and Kenneth Karlsen"We recommend SpainActive and will travel with you again. We will send information regarding SpainActive to other sports schools and sports oranizations."
Kenneth Karlsen and Stein Ludvigsen, Sandnesjøen VGS

Romsdal Frode Nakken"We were very happy with the way things were done before and during our stay with SpainActive outside of Barcelona. We would like to recommend this product to other schools with specialization in sports and to sports organizations!"
Frode NakkenKent Runding, Hildegunn Holten,  Romsdal VGS


Gøren Evjen"Organization and follow by SpainActive was very good. Good food, good pitches, good hotel and a great job by the guide Alex Hosking. Strong recommendation to travel with SpainActive."
Gøran Evjen, Bodin VGS


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Alexander Connor, Vestnes Varfjell

"Would like to recommend SpainActive strongly. Without any doubt a profesional operator in this market. The guide was far above expected and supported us 24 hours a day. Great facilities close to the hotel. We could not have had a better trip than what we did with SpainActive." 
Vestnes Varfjell, Alexander Connor

Tove Pettersen Wiik, Mosjøen"Very nice trip. SpainActive has a great product and a marvellous guide. Great pitches and excellent opponents. Absolutely everybody were satisfied."
Mosjøen IL, Tove Pettersen Wiik


Bjorn Johan Nytro, IL Fram"Yes. We would love to come back." 
IL Fram, Bjørn Johan Nytrø


Lars Ivar Næss, Kjelsas"SpainActive has an optimal setup including great friendly games and traings facilities on both artificial and natural surfaces. The perfect preparation for the season to come."
Kjelsås, Lar Ivar Næss


 Petter Høgset"We had a fantastic week. SpainActive is really good at providing an excellent football training experience and client relationship." 
Petter Høgsett Trener Åsker Kvinner


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