Terms and Conditions

In case of cancellation and changes

a) If the cancellation of all or part of the group occurs after the deposit is due for payment, SpainActive retains the deposit for those who cancel.

b) If the cancellation of all or part of the group occurs after 30 days prior to arrival, SpainActive retains the full amount of the cancellations.

c) Rules for the transfer of the air ticket (number and name changes) in accordance with the airline's own rules.

d) SpainActive is not responsible when external factors, which the Company does not control, impede the conduct of travel or activities.

e) Tickets billed to the customer will not be refunded (can make exceptions if SpainActive can cancel without loss).

f) SpainActive makes the reservation that the cup organizer cancels their cups, cancels certain age classes or merges classes.

Travel and cancellation insurance

SpainActive does not provide travel and cancellation insurance. The customer needs this for insurance for loss/damage to luggage etc. and for coverage of medical expenses and any repatriation in case of accident/illness.

European health insurance card

It is also necessary to bring a European Health Insurance Card.

If the customer is not satisfied with the delivery

If the traveler believes that there is a defect that gives the right to a discount / compensation, the traveler is obliged to notify the organizer as soon as possible. Complaints about deficiencies, for example in connection with accommodation, food etc., must immediately be submitted to SpainActive's contact person on site, to SpainActive's representative in the area, so that this can be rectified or compensated on the spot. If this is not done, later complaints or claims for compensation will be rejected. For other complaints, the deadline is 1 month after the end of the journey. Written complaint is required.