Football References


Alexander Connor, Vestnes Varfjell"Would like to recommend SpainActive strongly. Without any doubt a profesional operator in this market. The guide was far above expected and supported us 24 hours a day. Great facilities close to the hotel. We could not have had a better trip than what we did with SpainActive."
Vestnes Varfjell, Alexander Connor

Tove Pettersen Wiik, Mosjøen"Very nice trip. SpainActive has a great product and a marvellous guide. Great pitches and excellent opponents. Absolutely everybody were satisfied."
Mosjøen IL, Tove Pettersen Wiik

Bjorn Johan Nytro, IL Fram"Yes. We would love to come back." 
IL Fram, Bjørn Johan Nytrø


Lars Ivar Næss, Kjelsas"SpainActive has an optimal setup including great friendly games and traings facilities on both artificial and natural surfaces. The perfect preparation for the season to come."
Kjelsås, Lar Ivar Næss


Petter Høgset"We had a fantastic week. SpainActive is really good at providing an excellent football training experience and client relationship."
Petter Høgsett Trener Åsker Kvinner


Kai Holt Fjellhamar A-lag"SpainActive was a perfect organizer for our training camp. We will be back."
Kai Holt, Fjellhamar A-team


Tore Nordermoen"Fully satisfied. Second year in a row. The company SpainActive and the guide were really profesional. Top training facilities and quality on match opponents."
Tore Nordermoen, Fjellhamar G16


Kjetil Lone"Great pitches and really well organized."
Kjetil Lone, Løv Ham


Trosvik Ketil Ivar Fjaeran"Great facilities and a super guide from SpainActive. Strong recommendation."
Ketil Ivar Fjaeran, Trosvik


Kjetil Lone"The training camp FC Melano did with SpainActive went really well. The experience was so positive that it makes us want to come back. We would like to recommend it to other sports organizations."
Alfredo Pedrini, FC Melano


Romsdal Frode Nakken"We were very happy with the way things were done before and during our stay with SpainActive outside of Barcelona. We would like to recommend this product to other schools with specialization in sports and to sports organizations!"
Frode Nakken, Kent Runding, Hildegunn Holten,  Romsdal VGS


Gøren Evjen"Organization and follow by SpainActive was very good. Good food, good pitches, good hotel and a great job by the guide Alex Hosking. Strong recommendation to travel with SpainActive." 
Gøran Evjen, Bodin VGS


Arnt - Medkila"Fantastic football pitches. SpainActive has a really good set up and Lloret de Mar in the spring is the perfect location."
Arnt Børge Trane, Medkila IL



"We want to thank all of you who have been helpful planning and arranging this trip for us, we went home with plenty of good memories from this trip, everything has gone perfect. So we will recommend everyone who is planning a trip like this to use Spain Active. 
We also want to give an special thanks to our guide who has been fabulous, she was available 24 hours a day helping us with whatever we asked for. She also participated as a supporter in our games." 
Per Sverre Nupen, , Leder Aksla Handball

"A successful trip, good conditions and great pitches. And last but no least well organised."
Morten Hovland, Fjellhamer

"The program and the concept was very good. Great hotel, great food, great fields. We will recommend you." 
Nils Petter Austad trener Verdal VGS, Verdal Fotball, talentutvikler Rosenborg

”We will absolutely recommend you. If we will go for a training week another time we surely will contact you again. I don't think we could have got better anywhere else. You are very serious and we specially liked the personal contact through the whole week. Thank you for a nice week from all the girls from Nøtterøy and their leaders.”
Ingrid Vermaase, Leder Nøtterøy

”Yes! We will recommend you. It has been a memory for life. If we get the chance we will come back. Thank you to SpainActive.”
Glenn Kjevik, Leder Tveit


”All our wishes and needs during our stay were totally satisfied. Two small changes we asked for the last year were taken in account, and we warmly recommend SpainActive!”
Tommy Svendsen, Kattem IL

” What a field! 14 football camps with a level equal to Trysil golf camp. Accomplished and pleasant (handsome) SpainActive guide. After playing against a women team we were invited by them to a catalan meal and beverages.Training play nr 2 against Blanes first division took place in the superb football stadium beside the Hotel. Morning training with a fantastic weather. Was special for a north mother playing in shorts in a nice green football camp in march. In Camp Nou we saw FC Barcelona beating Malaga 6-0.
All expectations were in a huge degree done – a very successful training session-
we agree about both players, team leaders and the training team.”
Dag Nordli, Trysil Dame Fotball

”Randaberg Fotball thanks for such good camps and good follow-up during the stay in Spain.”
Bjarte Lunde Aarsheim, Randaberg Fotball, tidligere Viking og A-Landslaget


”Askøy Fotballklubb A-team (3.div) have had a fantastic week in Lloret de Mar, both social and sports.We got two good training matchs, with a russian academy team, Toliyatti Prefessional (2-2) and Vilobi CF (2 -0 win). Great camp and amazing weather- we can highly recommend it. We thank our guide and SpainActive for such a good arrangements, and agility during the stay.”
Willy Solberg, Askøy Fotballklubb

”Thanks SpainActive for an amazingly great arrangements. Everything was excellent despite the fact that we were a big group. Many unbeliveable good memories. Training camps were very good and our guys enjoyed it. They felt how it was the spanish futboll quality. All trips/activities we joined to were perfectly organized. We recommend any other team to use SpainActive. They were very serious - and present all the time.”
Roger Pettersen, Mosjøen IL

”The training period in Lloret de Mar was a very fantastic experience for Lånke Junior. SpainActive did a amazing good job organizing. Futboll players enjoyed the weather and the area. We could not have a better preparation for our season. It was also helpful in order to cohesionate our team . A great winter holidays! Many thanks to SpainActive!”
Bjørn Kristoffersen, Lånke Fotball

”We in Mathopen plan a new trip for next season. Training camp in Autumn holidays with you was superb. Since our guide met us in the airport til we left everything was perfect. Regards to our guide, he was great.” 
Kjell Johannessen, Leder Mathopen IL


”This is one of the best training camps I've been to. Pitches were of high class, hotel and food at the hotel were very good. Follow-up from SpainActive was professional and very good. A top training / facilities that is strongly recommended.”
Thor Mikalsen, tidligere Tippeliga-spiller FK Bodø/Glimt og Bryne


”I would safely recommend any team to go on one of this trips. SpainActive has real bearing on what they were doing. We are looking forward to next year."
Knut Bakke Pedersen, Leder Grorud IL


”Hotels, courts, safety, training, benefits, food and opportunities for alternative training was very positive. Conclusion: The highly successful workshop."
Ole Gunnar Fidjestøl, Modum Fotballklubb


”This was the perfect solution for us. SpainActive showed very high expertise, flexibility and commitment by arranging the training games. We got it exactly as we wanted.”
Gunnar Ingebretsen, Nordstrand IL-3 div herrer


”The futboll field conditions were fantastic, hotel and food excellent, the city will be just fine for such a group. Very positive the SpainActive's guide who was present and followed us up all the way, showed flexibility and took responsibility to keep the promises.”
Bo Gustavson trenerkordinator Kjelsas Fotball


”Spain Active makes a 100% job. After many years of training with good Norwegian clubs, I can say with hand on heart that the follow-up from SpainActive is better than any other place I have been.”
Trond Johnny Lien besøkte SpainActive som Trener Eidsvold Turn og Hauerseter SK


”The futbol field was in general quite good, the opponents were of high qualit, the hotel was well placed and had good food. The guide had good english command, attentive, funny, service minded and presence.”
Line Bach, Reiseleder og Ole Anders Arntsen Leder ungdom Oppsal


"It was a perfect deal for a women team. Good facilities, adequate opponents and never less than 24 hour follow up. We can highly recommend SpainActive and we look forward to come back again." 
Tor Gunnar Skibakk, trener Eidsvold Turn damelag


”10 days with SpainActive outside Barcelona was a brilliant preseason preparation. We will come back next year.”
Mette Christiansen, trener i Valdres FK


”Nardo FK is very satisfied with his training period in Spain during a winter holiday week. Spainactive was in fact all we could expect to, plus a bit more til offer us even a better service”
Tore Fredlund, trener Nardo FK, 2. div


”For a third club division to build up team links means a lot. We were on a F.C. Barcelona game, played paintball, also against equal football teams and had great training facilities. Everything was much better than in La Manga.”
Marius Aam, Skarbøvik tidligere tippeligaspiller i Ålesund


”The field had the same quality as La Manga. The rest was much better. It was the best training week I ever had since I joined the club.” 
Geir Frigaard, Eidsvold Turn, norwegian national team, professional abroad


”The total game was the best experience that Fyllingen have been during the last years.” 
Roy Wassberg, Player-Coach, Fyllingen Fotball, 2. div, professional abroad


” This it has been the best training Mo IL has been taken part in the last 20 years.”
Thor Andrè Olsen, Coach, Mo IL, 2. div. Best player allsvenskan 1988


”This is a trip we will not forget easily, we got all we needed both sport and holiday related.”
Paul Tengs, Kjetil Knutsen, 2. Div Coach Hovding


”Thanks to SpainActive for a brilliant schedule and great service during our stay. If any club with similar level wish to go to Costa Brava, I can say our experience with SpainActive was very good.”
Stig Paulshus, Coach many years of Follo Fotball

” SpainActive did everything right to us. High quality both the hotel and food. The grass was fantastic, good organization and equally good opponents. We highly recommend to use this fantastic organization.”
Mike Speight, Coach Fagernes, former England football player